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The highest quality medical and surgical care for your eyes, including cataract, laser and ophthalmic plastic surgery.


We’ll help you select a frame that will be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, while providing maximized performance for your vision.


Purchase a full range of the highest quality Opthalmologist-approved eye care products



Our providers specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of skin, hair and nail conditions.


Enjoy your appearance, nurture your skin and build its vitality with our non-invasive cosmetic dermatology procedures performed by our expert team.


Purchase a full range of the highest quality Dermatologist-approved skin care products at the Sebastopol Specialty Center



Medical Director and Ophthalmologist


We offer general, cosmetic and surgical dermatology.




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Physician Assistant


Laser Nurse Specialist


MSN, Family Nurse Practitioner


“Dr. Kahle explains everything so I can understand. I greatly appreciate how he connects and talks with all my family members.” ~ N.S.

“Dr. Kahle is great and the staff seem very happy and are extremely helpful.” ~ B.G.

“This being my first eye surgery, I was obviously nervous. Everyone on the staff was understanding and in talking with them, I felt much better.” ~ P.L.

“Dr Kahle has a wonderful, professional operation, starting at the front door until I walked out. The staff took their time with me and made me feel welcomed. All the handouts I received at the end of my exam were easy to read and understand. I highly recommend this office. I have seen several of the doctors over the years and I only wish all of my doctor offices were this well organized!” ~ D.C.

“My husband had recently passed away and during my exam with Dr. Hrabko, I broke down and started crying. Dr. Hrabko stopped the exam, sat next to me and held my hand and comforted me. I have never had a doctor be so compassionate and caring. That small gesture meant so much to me!” ~ C.S.

“I highly recommend Eye associates/ Sebastopol office. I was VERY nervous about having my eyelid surgery and they went the extra mile to make me feel comfortable and the results are amazing from the surgery. I have also gone there for decades for my eye exams and glasses and have always had top notch service. Thank you Dr. Kahle for your outstanding work and thank you staff for all you did for me.” ~ Y.C.

“Dr. Hrabko did MOHS surgery on my nose for skin cancer. I was very worried that I would be disfigured and not look like myself. He rebuilt the side of my nose and the scar is very hard to see. His plastic surgery skills are amazing!” ~ B.L.

“Dr. Hrabko is so kind. I appreciated the time he took to answer all my questions and explain the condition I was having with my skin.” ~ M.M.

“During a full body exam, Dr. Hrabko found squamous cell melanoma in one of my tattoo designs. I would have never known or seen this and I could have died. He removed it and my tattoo still looks good!” ~ P.S.

“As a member of the medical field myself, I greatly appreciate a physician who takes the time to explain in detail the risks, benefits, and alternatives to the various treatment options. Dr. Hrabko not only practices traditional medicine, he practices holistic medicine and applies the best of both methods.” ~ C.E.

“I went to two other dermatologists who could not figure out my rash. When I saw Dr. Hrabko, he prescribed a medication and the rash was gone in 3 days. What a relief. I am so happy . His helpers were also very nice.” ~ K.B.

“My husband has had psoriasis on his scalp for many years. He has seen several dermatologists and he could not get a handle on the situation. Dr. Hrabko worked with him trying several different medications and they finally came up with a program that has been keeping his scalp clear. What a blessing for both my husband and me!” ~ L.D.

“Everyone was Great! Kudos to your staff.” ~ M.F.

“Everyone was outstanding – can’t wait to get my other eye surgery done.” ~ D.T.

“Very attentive staff. All my needs were met.” ~ J.K.

“Great surgical experience, everyone was awesome.” ~ D.M.

“I am very pleased with the entire staff. They all seem to genuinely care.” ~ S.T.

“Your staff is totally professional and kind.” ~ T.K.

“I had this spot for years that I thought should get checked out. Greg did a biopsy and it turned out to be cancer and I needed another surgery to remove it. Everyone took great care of me and eased my mind.” ~ K.T.

“Your staff and doctors were very patient and kind as well. Staff very professional and always greet me with a smile.” ~ J.M.

“I am seen in both the eye department and the skin department. Your staff all seem to be well trained and care about what they are doing. It also appears that they really like their jobs.” ~ S.D.

“Even though I had to wait longer than I wanted, the care was excellent and the staff explained there was an emergency and offered water and coffee if I wanted to wait or to reschedule.” ~ J.M.

“I have been coming to your office for over 10 years and having to do all the new computer stuff was very annoying but I know this is the new way of the world. My care has always been very good and I appreciate that I can leave a message and know that someone will call me back.” ~ J.B.

“It seems you have the nicest doctors and staff around. I can tell that everyone seems to like working there just by their eyes. I miss seeing everyone’s faces due to the masks. I have been a patient for over 20 years and everyone is great!” ~ B.B.

“When I was having my skin cancer procedure, the girl in the room actually held my hand. I can’t tell you how much that meant as I was really afraid. Luckily, they got all the cancer and I have just a small scar.” ~ M.M.

“Covid made me very weary about going to doctors appointments. Your office and staff seemed to go the extra mile to be safe and I appreciated what everyone was doing.” ~ F.B.

“I was quite amazed at the follow up your staff does to make sure I come in for my regular examinations. Not only was I sent a post card, I also had several messages on my machine before I returned the call.” ~ V.S.

“Excellent Staff!!! And Doctor. Thank you!!! For taking such good care of me!” ~ D.M.

“My eye surgery went perfectly and I can see better than I have in years.” ~ B.L.

“Such a wonderful and caring staff. Everyone seems to enjoy their jobs and it shows.” ~ S.C.

“Dr. Bandt did my Mohs surgery and I am very happy with the result as it was on my face and you can hardly tell that something was done.” ~ R.H.

“I am impressed with the high level of professional attention and care I received.” ~ L.V.