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Frequently Asked Questions

Is NutriVision™ Complete safe to use?

YES! NutriVision™ Complete is a 100 % natural dietary supplement. All ingredients are procured from FDA-approved sources in the United Sates. All of our products are manufactured in a pharmacologically compliant laboratory. But as with all other vitamins and dietary supplements, you should always consult your physician. Use only as directed. In case of accidental overdose, seek the advice from a health care professional immediately.

Are there any side effects?

NutriVision™ Complete is 100 % natural. No known side effects have been reported for the ingredients in the products except occasional indigestion when NutriVision™ Complete is taken on an empty stomach. Always follow the direction on the label. In case of accidental overdose (which may cause some side effects), seek advice from a health care professional immediately. See our INGREDIENTS for more information.

What kinds of ingredients are used in NutriVision™ Complete?

Please visit the INGREDIENTS section of this site to review detailed descriptions of the ingredients and their benefits.

How does NutriVision™ Complete ingredients compare to other brands available?

Please visit the Compare NutriVision™ Complete section of this site to review detailed descriptions of the ingredients and their benefits.

How long would it take for NutriVision™ Complete to work?

Like all other vitamins and dietary supplements, NutriVision™ Complete is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. All dietary supplements are designed to be taken with your daily meals and are intended, in the case of NutriVision™ Complete, to assist your retina and eye tissue cells to stay healthy as well as your body.

Do you have any testimonials from regular people that I can read?

Yes. Just click on TESTIMONIALS and you will be able to read some of the comments we have received from our patients who purchased and used NutriVision™ Complete at Eye Associates in Northern California.

Why is NutriVision™ Complete a solid choice for eye and body health?

Many eye supplement makers intentionally split the ingredients so that the patient has to buy 2 or 3 or more bottles to get what they need. To make it look important and to appear as if you are getting alot in each bottle, they also add all sorts of needed and not needed ingredients.

NutriVision™ Complete supplements were developed by an experienced board certified ophthalmologist with extensive interest in Macular Degeneration and overall body health. Dr. Kahle wanted to make a product that was proven helpful for eye health as well as for general overall body health. He wanted to have a product that made it easy for the patients to comply with a vitamin program while keeping in mind the cost factor.

NutriVision™ Complete, manufactured for T-SEK LLC, is not in this business to just make a profit. Pride is taken in producing a good solid formula, proven through our own patient-base to do the job for the best price.

How can I contact NutriVision™ Complete?

You can either go to our CONTACT FORM or call 707.823.7628.
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