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The Solution

Bifocal Buddies will make the task of seeing your computer monitor much more comfortable and clear, while also giving you clear reading vision through the bottom bifocal segment. These glasses will not typically work well for distance vision, and will have to be removed when you move away from your work station/computer. They also include a bonus antireflective coating to help reduce glare! The fact that they can be purchased for $29.99 without an eye exam or prescription makes them a fantastic deal! Buy one for work and one for home! Tell your family, friends, and coworkers!

Bifocal Buddies come in two different powers based on how much help you need.

We call them “Little Buddy” and “Big Buddy.”

The Little Buddy is great for people who drive comfortably without glasses who use weak (+1.00 to +2.00) over the counter glasses to read. They should be considered when you notice you are moving farther and farther from your computer screen, or if you are putting your “reading” glasses on to see the computer monitor. The power of the Little Buddy is +0.75 on top and +1.75 on bottom. It varies, but most people who buy this product will be age forty to sixty.

The Big Buddy is for people who drive comfortably without glasses who use stronger over the counter glasses to read (+1.50 to +2.50). These people are generally accustomed to wearing reading glasses to see clearly up close, and may actually have two separate glasses - one for the computer and one for reading. The Big Buddy provides more magnification at +1.25 on top and +2.25 on bottom. People who buy this product will usually be age fifty or older.

At present both the Little Buddy and the Big Buddy come in the same attractive style. This is a quality spring hinged frame with a straight top twenty-eight millimeter bifocal segment. The lenses have been factory tested and includes a free standard antireflective coating. This should help not only the quality of focus, but also reduce glare on your papers and computer screen.

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