chemical peels

Chemical Peels

Our aestheticians provide a full range of the most cost effective, non-physician chemical peels available anywhere.

What do chemical peels accomplish?

Chemical peels benefit your skin by creating a controlled exposure to a skin-peeling acid that removes dead skin and pigment on the surface of your skin. Done regularly, scientific studies have shown that facial chemical peels are capable of softening wrinkles and acne scars, and lightening uneven skin color, age spots and sun spots. They also dissolve the build-up in clogged pores, blackheads and milium.

Are chemical peels safe?

Professional chemical peels are safe, but aesthetician training and judgment are important. Chemical peels can burn the skin, and it’s possible to find physician-level chemical peels being done by aestheticians.

This does not happen in our office.

Chemical peels are safe when the peeling depth is matched to the right professional training and experience. In our office, our doctor does the deeper peels, our nurse does the more moderate depth peels, and our aestheticians do the more superficial peels.

Like all peels, our aesthetician chemical peels are highly effective when done in a series. During your chemical peels, you’ll experience just a little skin tingling. Typically your skin looks great right away. Done with a facial, they are a superb skin maintenance procedure to keep your skin looking its best and in top shape.

Are chemical peels worth the money?

There are many, high-priced combination skin peeling products used elsewhere, but chemical peel results are determined by the active peeling acid. By focusing on the active peeling acid, our peels give you great results that are cost-effective. It’s part of our commitment to provide “only the best” skin care for your skin.

We offer chemical peels for the face, back and chest. Chemical peels are usually done at 4 to 8 week intervals. Occasionally, more problem skin may benefit from an initial series done at 2 week intervals until the skin shows significant improvement. And then, results can be maintained with the usual, 4 to 8 week maintenance interval. Chemical peels can be alternated with microdermabrasion or laser/light treatments for the ultimate skin “cross training” to help you achieve top skin fitness.

Glycolic Acid (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) Peels

These peels are done in progressive strengths for acne and anti-aging treatment goals. They exfoliate your skin to brighten skin texture, soften wrinkles and dissolve blackheads, milia, and clogged pores.

Scientific studies have shown that the use of strong glycolic acid is capable of stimulating collagen formation underneath the surface of your skin, which is the best indicator of long-lasting wrinkle reduction.

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