Facials are aesthetician administered skin care treatments that enhance the look and health of your skin. During a facial, your aesthetician will use specific products and equipment for deep and complete facial cleansing. They have a variety of ways to safely exfoliate your skin and then apply therapeutic ingredients suited for your skin type and skin problems. When you have regular facials the performance of your home skin care products is enhanced because ingredients penetrate better into your deeply clean and professionally exfoliated skin.

The big plus to facials is that your skin looks instantly better. Your complexion glows and your skin feels fantastic because it’s just received a complete deep facial skin cleansing, exfoliation and deep hydration, a refreshing compensation for its job as your body’s biggest barrier to the outside world.

Your skin stands up to a lot of environmental wear and tear and maintenance facials keep it looking in top shape. Ideally you should have a facial regularly for optimal skin appearance and result because your skin is constantly:

  • making cells, oil and debris which get stuck
  • fending off irritation from harsh products, climactic conditions and airborne chemicals.

A facial is one of life’s little pleasures, and our facials most definitely are! Both you and your skin will love them.

Acne Facial

Your acne prone skin improves dramatically with regular facials. Our highly effective, professional facial acne treatment includes all the key components of professional acne skin care to help you clear-up your acne fast and keep it clear:

  1. Your skin is exfoliated to remove built up dead skin cells that keep your home medicines from penetrating deeply into your skin where you need them most.
  2. This is a facial to clean acne prone skin. Deep pore facial cleansing and manual clogged pore extractions help unclog your clogged pores. This process helps remove built-up oil, dead cells, and acne causing bacteria to treat black heads and help prevent new pimples.
  3. A deep cleansing acne facial mask then reaches deeper into your pores to pull out even more clogged pore contents, getting your pores really clean.
  4. Powerful antioxidants calm facial redness that happens from pimples or acne treatment medicines.

All of the products used in this therapeutic facial acne treatment are customized by our aesthetician for your skin type. In addition to the therapeutic treatment of your skin in this facial, you also receive a stress reducing neck and shoulder massage.  We recommend the acne facial be done at regular intervals until your acne is controlled and then to maintain results. Add a chemical peel to jump start the process of clearing your acne fast.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

Your pores continually fill with sebum (oil), dead skin cells and microorganisms. Even healthy, exfoliated skin accumulates clogged pore debris. Just like cleaning your house or weeding your garden, your skin will look and feel cleaner and more attractive with regular deep cleaning treatments. This facial exfoliates and removes build up dead cells and debris on your skin’s surface and deep within the pores, leaving the skin bright, fresh and hydrated. It is also ideal to optimize and extend the results between peels and laser or light treatments, to enhance the penetration of your at-home products making your skin care regimen more effective, and to keep your skin clear and attractive every day. During this treatment:

  1. Your skin is deeply cleaned several times and then given just the right amount of exfoliation to remove built up debris both on the skin’s surface and deep within your pores.
  2. Manual extractions are done for stubborn clogged pores.
  3. A facial mask is then used to really pull out the last of the pore contents.
  4. Your squeaky clean skin is then deeply hydrated.

Your skin is unique and so each of these steps is customized to fit your skin type. It’s a skin treatment that’s deeply cleaning while at the same time wonderfully pampering. Ideally done regularly or alternated with one of our other facials. Your treatment includes a relaxing neck, shoulder and hand massage. All your ‘housekeeping chores’ should be like this!

Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Facial

Your skin can really be instantly softer, smoother, and more radiant with this anti-aging facial treatment. Our rejuvenating anti-aging facial is ideal to maintain the results of your cosmetic procedures such as laser or light treatments, Botox or fillers. It also enhances the results of your at-home anti-aging skin care regimen. It’s an excellent maintenance treatment to keep your facial skin looking and feeling as young as possible. Our aestheticians are trained to fit this unique facial to your specific anti-aging needs and skin type:

  1. Your skin and pores are thoroughly cleaned so that the powerful anti-aging products can penetrate deeply.
  2. Skin texture and color is improved and wrinkles are softened with glycolic acid or enzyme exfoliation followed by skin toning.
  3. Gentle facial massage improves circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  4. Specially formulated vitamins, botanicals and antioxidants are applied to repair and sooth stressed skin.

While your skin receives this therapeutic treatment your neck, shoulders and hands receive a relaxing massage. Look and feel better all at once. Good for everyone and recommended at regular intervals for optimal results. Get even more anti-aging benefits when you combine this facial with a chemical peel or microdermabrasion.

Calming Facial

Calm your sensitive skin whether it’s irritated from rosacea, rashes, sun damage, strong anti-aging products or procedures. This highly effective treatment rapidly restores your skin’s natural health and balance.

Yes, even sensitive skin types can be deeply cleansed and gingerly exfoliated to brighten skin texture and tone with the carefully done professional maintenance skin care treatment. Our Calming Facial restores sensitive skin’s natural health balance and optimal hydration level. Sensitive skin requires extreme care in product selection and treatment methods and our aestheticians are uniquely trained to customize this treatment to fit your specific sensitive skin needs. This is why our medical aestheticians are your best choice for professional skin care.

This facial includes careful selection of products and treatment methods. Your skin is:

  1. Deeply and carefully cleaned both on your skin surface and deep within your pores,
  2. Gingerly exfoliated to remove dead skin and create a luminous texture.
  3. Blood and lymphatic drainage is improved with gentle facial massage.
  4. Stressed and inflamed skin is soothed with antioxidants and a healing mask.

This treatment includes a neck, shoulder and hand massage. Your restored skin will be luminous and at peace!  Recommended at regular intervals to maximize control of your inflamed skin and keep your skin looking its best. Good for anyone with sensitive skin.

Customized Facials

Our aesthetician are trained to create facials specifically customized for you if the needs of your skin fall somewhere between the goals of our usual facials. They are also trained to modify treatments for you if you have certain product allergies or sensitivities.

Exfoliating Back Treatment

Back skin is often forgotten and not in top shape. You can’t see it or even reach it, yet everybody sees it when you wear a tank top, work out cloths or a bathing suit. Back skin is thicker than the face and often slightly scaly with oily clogged pores and occasional pimples. Age spots (barnacles / seborrheic keratosis) can form on the back and can become excessively thick. A back ‘facial’ is a brilliant way to ‘tune up’ your back skin fast. Your anti-aging or acne treatment skin care products will work better when you use them in conjunction with this back ‘facial’ treatment. Keep the skin on your back looking clean and in top shape with regular exfoliating back treatments and good skin care.

This back treatment uses powerful products and procedures for cleaning the surface of your back skin all the way deep down into your back’s pores. Exfoliation, toning, extractions and a deep pore cleansing masque do the heavy lifting to get your back skin in shape fast. This treatment works extremely well to treat back acne when combined with a chemical peel or microdermabrasion. Recommended interval for acne is weekly until your pimples are controlled then at 4 to 8 week intervals.

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