Medical and Surgical Dermatology Services

Experienced Experts for Serious Skin Care
We believe that treating the whole patient while focusing on your specific skin concerns creates the best treatment result. Our doctors gently, patiently and expertly care for every person as a unique individual whether you have a simple pimple or serious skin care needs. Our goal is to enhance your sense of well-being by improving the appearance and health of your skin.

Screening and Diagnosis
Whether you have a head to toe skin exam or a partial exam focused on a specific skin problem, our doctors are thorough and thoughtful, and will patiently explain their findings and recommendations to you. Skin conditions or any growth out of the ordinary will be monitored, tested, treated, or revisited over time. We are melanoma specialists and can monitor complex moles.

Skin Surgery
Benign and malignant skin growths including cysts, moles, basal cell carcinomas, squamous cell carcinomas, and melanomas are meticulously removed. Detailed attention is given to creating the best cosmetic result after surgery.

Benign skin growths such as skin tags, milia, red angiomas, liver spots, age spots, keloids, and other unwanted growths are carefully treated or gently removed.

Acne Treatments
We understand how embarrassing acne is, and we know that by the time you see us, you’re frustrated with it. We will rally to the cause and customize a serious skin care program for you that includes powerful products, prescription medicines and specialized treatments to help get rid of your pimples fast. Our office offers the full range of acne treatment procedures including chemical peels, medical blackhead extractions, acne “laser” light treatments and professional acne facials.

Questions about our medical and surgical dermatology services? We’d love to talk to you. Please contact us.