Ophthalmology Services

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and surgical care for your eyes, including cataract, YAG Laser and ophthalmic plastic surgery. Our eye doctors take great pride in rendering a superior examination of your visual system and in staying abreast of all the valid, legitimate advances in medical and surgical eye care. Our Surgery Center is equipped and staffed to provide all major outpatient surgeries including: cataract extraction, lens implants, corneal transplants, ophthalmic plastic surgery, and a variety of ophthalmic laser surgeries.

Comprehensive Eye Exams
During a complete medical eye exam, many tests are administered by very skilled people. Each test helps rule out a dozen eye conditions. The exam takes approximately 2 hours.

A complete medical eye exam consists of:

  • Obtaining a proper history of eye symptoms as well as general medical and family background information.
  • Measurements of visual acuity.
  • Checking of your previous glasses.
  • Measurement of the optical condition of the eye (Refraction) to determine if glasses will improve the vision.
  • Examination of pupillary reactions and visual pathway to the brain.
  • Testing of the eye muscle movements in various directions of gaze.
  • Check of parallelism of the eyes to discover crossing or other imbalance.
  • Screening of peripheral visual fields.
  • Examination of the lids, lashes, and tear flow system. Glaucoma testing.

Dilation of the pupils is necessary in order to detect many problems and diseases in the eye. It can also make measuring for eyeglasses more accurate.

You’ll sit in a darkened room for approximately half an hour until the dilating drops take effect. These drops wear off in a few hours and you’ll be given plastic sunglasses to protect your eyes from glare. If your vision is made blurry with dilating drops, please do not drive yourself.

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